Intel’s Most Expensive CPU Is So Powerful, It Can Even Run Starfield Without Any Other RAM


The Intel Xeon MAX 9480 CPU is the company’s most expensive offering, starting at $13,000, but this CPU is so powerful that any gamer would desire it.

The most powerful CPU from Intel packs four 14-core CPU tiles, each of them with two DDR5 channels and 16GB HMB2e.

Of course, this is not a consumer CPU by any means. Its customers will be companies and developers.

As Techradar emphasizes, the presence of those eight DDR5 RAM channels means that you can put this CPU into any machine and it’s powerful enough to run alone. 

It’s such a beast of a CPU, thanks to its 64GB of HBM2e RAM it can actually run Starfield without any added memory. For Starfield, Bethesda recommends at least 16GB of RAM, as well as a Intel i5-10600K CPU.

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YouTuber ServeTheHome dedicated a video to the Intel Xeon MAX 9480 CPU, which delves into every detail of Intel’s flagship.

“There is enough PCIE and RAM for seven players to each have the P-cores of a 12900K and their own full bandwidth 4090,” said a user who claims to have been involved into the production of the CPU.

You can read ServeTheHome’s hands on with the Intel Xeon MAX 9480 CPU here, it’s a great review if you’re on the market to buy new servers. 

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