Is This Reality Or A Game? Artist Plays With Unreal Engine To Reveal Amazing Landscapes in 4K

Unreal Engine 4 has opened a world of possibilities for game developers, architects and animation movie producers. More than one year has passed since it became free and game developers have jumped at the opportunity of creating worlds with outstanding tools, generated in real time. Artist Rense de Boer is no different – his renditions of forest environments and mountain landscapes are so impeccable, they seem real!

Two weeks ago, Epic Games highlighted the best work accomplished with Unreal Engine 4, including Hellblade, for which real time acting, via a motion-capture camera rig -, was showcased in a scene with Senua.  McLaren Automotive used the engine to allow users to configure their own luxury cars before buying them. Real soon, we might see Unreal Engine used in VR game developing.

For now, though, talented artist Rense de Boer is working on a mystery game that is due for launch this year with Unreal Engine 4. He assembled some of his work in the clip above and the result is outstanding – great texture and clarity for landscapes, in 4K! PC Perspective states that de Boer received a grant from Epic Games, probably to make this project a reality.

From what we’ve seen so far, it’s going to be EPIC!

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