Next Month, Crime-Preventing Security Cameras Boosted With AI Will Go On Mass-Production


Security cameras are key in discovering illegal activity. Unfortunately, they provide proof after the incident occured, not before, so the damage can’t be undone. Umbo CV, though, wants to correct this wrong with their artificial intelligent cameras that are going to be mass produced from the following month.

Umbo CV has raised $2.8 million in funding from AppWorks Ventures and other 3 companies to begin mass-manufacturing their AI security cameras next month. So far, their systems have shipped to clients in Dubai, United States and Europe but we might be seeing more of them really soon. Co-founder and CEO Shawn Guan has stated that they received already pre-orders worth of $1.4 million.

Before developing algorithms that use multiple cameras to generate images that are further analyzed for anomalie, Guan spent 7 years working in the surveillance industry.

It became obvious that he had to decide whether to be in front of the phenomenon or behind it: “[Developing high-def videos] That doesn’t help customers solve problems in the security industry, because it can only give you high-quality video after the event has occurred. If someone gets hurt, we can show clients a better video, but that didn’t stop someone from being hurt”. So he started Umbo CV two years ago, trusting that artificial intelligence would identify weird activity in time to prevent crime.

He will face serious competition from Huawei, Seagate and AISight, but Guan is not worried – he thinks his algorithms will do a better job than those based on geomeric models because they scan for anything suspicious. #securemagic


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