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JBL Link Bar Brings Both Google Assistant and Android TV

JBL might be known for their portable, outdoor-ready speakers, but the company wants to delve into IoT, as well. Announced before the Google I/O event kicking off today, the JBL Link Bar is a new soundbar that takes the best from both companies.

The JBL Link Bar combines Android TV and Google Assistant in one sleek package with great audio capabilities. With Android TV, you can easily access Netflix, Hulu or Youtube, while the Google Assistant allows you to control your other smart home devices more easily. The device can stream 4K HDR video and comes with a remote control, for those who own older TV models.

We’re talking about a complete package that turns any TV into a smart one, complete with smart assistance.

jbl-link-bar hdmi

The JBL Link Bar comes with three HDMI in ports and the company is planning to launch a separate subwoofer for Chromecast multi-room audio.

The price point is still a mystery; a regular JBL soundbar is selling for around $300, so expect to pay extra for all the added capabilities.

As for the launch date, JBL hinted it was going to be sometime this fall.

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