Kyocera Announces Rafre, A Smartphone You Can Use In The Shower

kyocera shower phone

“Smartphones are dirtier than toilets” is not an exaggeration, nor a legend, it’s the truth. A 2013 report revealed “hazardous” levels of bacteria on tablets, smartphones and keyboards. Because most phones are not waterproof, we tend to wipe them with a simple cloth, undoing half of the damage. Kyocera has a better alternative: a smartphone that’s washable #mobilemagic

Kyocera Rafre can be taken in the shower without a second thought. The smartphone is soap-and-waterproof, meaning you can use it to text and browse in the shower and clean it at the end of the day, getting rid of all bacteria.

kyocera digno rafre

Unlike the previous version of the Kyocera washable phone, this one is unaffected by bubbles of soap so you can use any nearby hand or body soap.Good news is Rafre launches next month, at an undisclosed price, yet; bad news is that only germaphobes from Japan will have access to it. At least for now.

If a phone that’s also a germ killer is not what you’d call a “selling point”,  you need to know the device has Android Nougat on, a 13MP rear camera and 3,000 mAh battery. More specs can be seen here.

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