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Latest WearOS Update From Google Promises To Improve Battery Life


Google quietly announced that it’s going to update the WearOS with a number of improvements, including a new battery saver mode and making jumping between apps smoother.

The update, called just “H”, will begin rolling out to the Wear OS smartwatches out there over the next few months and the most anticipated change is the battery saver mode which will allow the users to switch to a time-only feature if the watch drops below 10%.

If the watch does not detect any activity for 30 minutes, it will also go into ‘sleep’ mode.

The ‘Smart App Resume” will allow the users to pick up from where they left across all the apps available on the watch and powering it off won’t be a hassle anymore either – all you’ll have to do is to hold the power button until the power off screen will prompt you to choose between ‘power off’ or ‘restart’.

According to Google, the update will not become immediately available to every user out there, so you will have to be patient for a while longer.

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