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Leica Releases $15.000 Camera Covered With Ping Pong Rubber

Limited editions tend to use impressive, luxury materials and come with top-notch features that justify an exorbitant price. Leica, though, is going to release a collector item that’s impressive as well as relatable thanks to the material covering the body: ping pong paddle rubber #fotomagic

The company is set to launch M-P Grip in 79 units at the price of $14,950. The camera is the result of their collaboration with artist Rolf Sachs. His inclination towards using unexpected textures, objects and materials in works of art can be seen in the choice of material for the rangefinder body.

Leica M-P Grip Lens

The red rubber used to make ping pong paddles gives a strong grip to the camera and a unique look. This is paired with the already known Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH prime lens.

The same red hue can be found on the dials and recessed numbers, creating a unified look.

Leica M-P Grip back

If you’re looking for a special Christmas gift, it may be time to check out the colorful kits before a true aficionado gets to them like this guy. 



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Leica Releases $15.000 Camera Covered With Ping Pong Rubber
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