One of a Kind Apple Camera Goes for Auction at $118,000
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Apple Designer Creates $118,000 Camera, Goes Up for Auction

If this camera reminds you of a certain brand’s “all-white” aesthetic, that’s because the designer behind those lines created this piece too. Indeed, Apple’s main designer, Jony Ive, worked on this one-of-a-kind, extremely expensive camera.

The rare Leica M prototype with a distinct Apple flavor is a creation of Jony Ive’s and Marc Newson. Originally, the prototype was conceived for the Product (Red) brand co-founded by Bono. Now, the model shows “the final development step when the camera took its final shape.”, which features a smooth aluminum body and an Apo-Summicron 2/50 mm ASPH lens.

The “Apple” camera prototype will go up for auction this summer at a $118,000 starting price although the auction house expects this to sell for any sum between $235,000 to $295,000!

The Red collection Ive and Newson worked on also included an 18 carat rose gold pair of Apple EarPods and a limited edition 2012 Range Rover, among other things. The items sold in 2013 for over $12.8 million.

As for this Jony Ive prototype… it begs the question how successful Apple cameras could be, if Tim Cook and co. would decide to explore that venue.  

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Apple Designer Creates $118,000 Camera, Goes Up for Auction
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