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Lexus LIT IS

Lexus LIT IS Car Was Covered In 41,999 LED Lights

How would a Las Vegas-inspired car look like? Probably a lot like Lexus’ latest special edition vehicle, appropriately called LIT IS. The automaker has covered the car in thousands of programmable LED lights, specifically 41.999 #automagic

Before you fantasize about lighting up the streets at night in it, let us just say that this is simply an exhibit. Lexus LIT IS will never hit the streets, unless they figure out a way of making it less distracting for other drivers.  It was actually created as part of a collaboration between the car company and singer Dua Lipa for new video “Be The One”:

What can it do? It doesn’t just “shine bright like a diamond”, as Rihanna might say. Every LED applied by hand to the Lexus car responds to different stimuli, creating various light patterns. It can programmed simply to look good, as the Attract Mode “knows” how to display graphics on the hood to enhance the car’s design. Or the driver can send signals through a gaming console to the car and see it respond to its gestures. There’s a third mode where the driver puts music on and lets the car’s surface sync its motions and lights to it. 

Unfortunately, not you, nor me, will be able to drive one anytime soon. Such a disco ball can cause massive headaches, accidents, you name it.

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Lexus LIT IS Car Was Covered In 41,999 LED Lights
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