Zoom Is Turning Your Gestures in Emojis Now

Zoom isn’t just refining its platform for a growing audience but it’s also investing in fresh ways to interact in calls. Their latest feature is a motion recognition one that turns your gestures in emojis.

If you’re using Zoom you probably know you have the option to contribute to a talk by sending a ✋ and 👍 by just pressing a button.

Well, now, you won’t even have to do that to attract attention. The platform’s computer vision will detect your raised hand or thumbs up and display it in emoji form.

This would make it more natural for you to react to what is said in a call and easier for others to notice you.

The feature is available for both PC and Mac and it’s the newest form of gesture recognition after a long history of trying to make this technology available and appealing to consumers.

What started as a motion-controlled remote with the Nintendo Wii, later evolved as the Kinect and recently, was in tests by Google on their Pixel phones might actually make sense to folks today in call conferencing.

After all, raising your hand or giving a thumbs up is a natural gesture for all of us, doesn’t need physical resistance to feel right and is useful for calls with dozens of participants.

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Zoom Is Turning Your Gestures in Emojis Now

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