You Aren’t Done With the Batman Just Yet

Whether you loved the Batman with Robert Pattinson as lead or not, one thing’s for sure: you ain’t done with it just yet. 

After debuting on HBO Max, Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie will get a chance to return to the big screen.

Warner Bros. is making a sequel to the box-office success. The company announced their decision at CinemaCon according to Deadline.

Both Pattinson and Reeves will be at the helm of the sequel but there’s no telling how many of the other actors will join the project.

What’s clear is that the Batman drew big crowds when it debuted in theatres, raising $760 million at the global box office.

At home, the movie was watched by 4.1 million households in barely a month!

Not only Warner Bros. will capitalize on that. It seems HBO Max also wants to ride the wave, hence the streaming platform’s intention to air a Batman spin-off centered around Penguin who will be reprised by Colin Farrell.

That’s not all! The Riddler will also get a chance to be the star of his own story. See how Paul Dano will develop his character next!

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You Aren’t Done With the Batman Just Yet
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