The Batman’s Riddler Actor Set to Write His Character’s Origin Story


Often, actors take to a role so easily, we remain transfixed by the magic developing on screen. It’s rare, however, that an actor would grow so fond of his character that he’d transcend the big screen to tell more of that story on paper. The Batman‘s Riddler actor, Paul Dano, will be the exception as he will write the character’s OG story in comic book form.

The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz and featuring arch-nemesis Riddler/Paul Dano has had stellar reviews, becoming an immediate box office success.

It’s made some of the cast ponder on what they can do to develop the story more. In Paul Dano’s case that will be to write a limited series about the beginnings of the Riddler.

DC Comics confirmed the news, revealing the comic book series will tap into “the background of how accountant Edward Nashton went from a simple Gotham City nobody to becoming Batman’s nemesis, setting them on a collision course in the blockbuster feature film.”

If you’re keen on reading what Dano has to say, wait for a six-issue bi-monthly comic series this October.

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As far as we can tell, Dano should expand on the story he’s already told on screen with Matt Reeves’ help. The actor did admit he may have gotten in too deep, while researching his character’s motivations and background.

More Batman news for you: HBO Max will air a series about The Penguin starring Colin Farrell and stream The Batman movie this April.

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The Batman’s Riddler Actor Set to Write His Character’s Origin Story
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