LG G6 To Include 3D Facial Recognition In June

lg g6 facial recognition

This month, LG and Samsung are racing each other with every weapon and skill they have. LG G6 got a head start with the early launch, but Samsung S8 offered Bixby and three biometric security measures, including facial recognition. To make up for it, LG intends to bring 3D facial recognition to its latest flagship this June #mobilemagic

According to Korean publication The Investor, LG has partnered up with software firm Oez to get facial recognition on its G6. The biometric security system won’t be employed just to unlock your phone, though. They’re thinking forward; LG is said to plan on using face-scanning for contactless payments. This means the OezFR software would be implemented as a verification option for mobile payments in South Korea. If they can pull it off, this will mark a premiere in the smartphone industry.

As exciting as the prospect is, the fast implementation sounds a bit risky. Think about it – in just a couple of months, LG wants to implement a controversial biometric system. Not only that, they plan on announcing a premiere in the smartphone sector in the same, relative short time span.

Basically, their goal is to make users believe in a biometric system that has been hacked before and use it to send and receive money. Granted, this is 3D facial recognition but still, I don’t see those doubts disappearing so swiftly.

That said, this is my first impression on a rumor LG hasn’t confirmed yet. I really hope the company proves me wrong and the implementation on the G6 goes flawlessly. It would be interesting to finally step in the next era of mobile payments. Plus, if all goes well, the 3D face-scanning could end up on LG V20 and LG G5 also. Oez’s platform is said to take up little space on the devices and ensure “security measures to prevent hacking attempts with pictures.”

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