LG G8X ThinQ: How to Turn a Dual Notch Phone in a Gamepad

LG G8X ThinQ will arrive in US this November! It’s LG’s latest premium offering and their updated take on the foldable trend. In fact, it’s their first phone with a triple screen and an unexpected dual notch, with gaming capabilities.

We talked to Kyle Yoon, Product Manager at LG Mobile, more about the improved extra screen, the phone’s multitasking capabilities and how would he see it performing in-game, although it’s not a gaming phone so to speak.

Turns out, the dual screen has not only acquired an extra, smaller screen to show notifications on the outside of the phone but the exact proportions of the G8X ThinQ’s display. If the previous version got complaints that it didn’t match the main screen as it should, this one does.

The Dual Screen matches the G8X ThinQ display completely, from the size, resolution and aspect ratio to the front upper notch. In case you were wondering, the second notch is not an extra camera of sorts, but a design choice to make the multitasking experience seamless.

Why go with a detachable screen instead of trying to attain a foldable design, even with a hinge?

Yoon told us it was a strategic call, based on the user experience. Right now, foldable phones cannot be as thin and light as a conventional smartphone so to opt for a foldable device means to bring to market a bulky device that may not sell specifically due to that.

Instead, LG wanted their users to have the flexibility to choose between multi-screen phone and standard one, depending on their needs at a given moment.

The extra screen is also better for multitasking, increasing the real estate, believes LG. Simply unlock it by pressing your finger on the screen, since this phone comes with in-display fingerprint recognition. If you remember, the LG G8 ThinQ had a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, but offered FotoNation’s next gen 3D face recognition unlock and Hand ID (vein recognition.)

And when you’re not working, but playing, you can use it as a gamepad; shifting it into a Nintendo DS sort of device, if you want.

It’s not a gaming phone, but a phone that can support your gaming needs, from the console-style approach to the audio technology. Thanks to DTS:X Surround Sound, you’ll feel the sound coming from all around you, enclosing you in that adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience.

LG G8X ThinQ will cost $699, with Dual Screen. Quite the deal, considering its predecessor had a price point of $800.

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