This Oppo Phone Has the Best Ringtones Thanks to Hans Zimmer

Listen to This Oppo Phone’s Magical Ringtones, Thanks to Hans Zimmer!

Hans Zimmer (whom I personally consider the God of Movie Soundtracks) has lent his magical touch to one phone’s ringtones. This means there’s one phone out there sporting tones that could not only become more recognizable than the iPhone’s but so poetic, that they could set a new trend in the phone arena.

The phone I’m referring to is none other than Oppo Find X3 Pro, a device that has been making waves with its intriguing camera assortment and features.

You might have heard about their collab a while back but from what we understand, the ringtones haven’t transpired – unless you’re an actual owner of the phone, that is. However, The Verge got ahold of a couple of them and lemme tell you, while they preserve the tech-ish vibes, electronic and sharp, the instrumentals Zimmer added put them in a completely different league than the rest of the mobile tones:

And that’s just the default ringtone!

The alarm sets up the mood for a great day as soon as you open your eyes:

Mesmerizing? You can listen to a notification sound and a text tone on The Verge.

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Listen to This Oppo Phone’s Magical Ringtones, Thanks to Hans Zimmer!
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