Odd or Trendsetter? Oppo Find X3 Pro Comes with A Microscope

In quite the Oppo manner, the Chinese phone maker broke the mold yet again with Oppo Find X3 Pro, a phone that you’ll deem either odd or a real trendsetter.

Why? One look at the rear of the smartphone will answer that question. Instead of the familiar vertical camera module on the left side of the phone, you’ll now be greeted by a rectangular one with curved edges which, contrary to our expectations, manages to look different than the recent iPhone series.

That is done by uniting the module with the phone’s unibody as if the camera bump is rising from the panel like an inflated balloon rather than being carefully delimited.

The hardware itself is odd, too. The 50MP main and ultrawide cameras are followed by a 3MP microlens, not a telephoto or a macro. The microlens’ purpose is that of a microscope, essentially, with up to 60x magnification power. How much will the camera be used to see tiny things up close versus capturing photos… that will be up to the user.

In any case, Oppo Find X3 Pro is more than just its camera. Like all 2021 flagship phones, it’s powered up by Snapdragon 888, works with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and survives on a 4,500mAh with 65W charging, as well as wireless charging.

Oppo is pretty proud of its display tech too, boasting a 10-bit panel with up to 120Hz refresh rate and 1,300 nits brightness.

Those specs definitely make Find X3 Pro one of the most coveted smartphones this year if… customers can adapt to its bold design and lack of a periscope camera. The price, however, is still unknown. Stay tuned for an update when Oppo makes it publicly available!

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Odd or Trendsetter? Oppo Find X3 Pro Comes with A Microscope
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