Fall’s Biggest Unveiling: Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7 Plus With Dual Camera

How should an Apple event start? Speakers getting their places on the stage? Tim Cook appearing from behind a red curtain? Nope. Instead, James Corden should drive him up to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium singing along One Republic songs and Sweet Home Alabama.  So, this is exactly what just happened this morning because, guys, Carpool Karaoke episodes will air on Apple Music.

But the App Store has the juiciest surprise for gamers of all ages. Mario is coming to the App Store, as Nintendo is introducing the game to iPhone. The game will keep everything you loved about Super Mario and it will be released in time for holidays this year. It’s going to have a set price and will come with a various stickers for Messenger. Also, you’ll get to compete against others in Toad Rally, so you’ll fill your hour on commute by connecting to fellow colleagues and friends.

As fall is receiving a new generation of students, Tim Cook is preparing schools with Apple products that can help their education. The company is giving a Mac and an iPad to 4500 teachers and is equipping schools with Apple TVs. Plus, they are starting the educational program Everyone Can Code, through which kids can learn Swift coding language. When it comes to adults and their share of work this fall, Apple is prepping them with real-time collaboration. That’s a feature that allows several people tweaking slides in real time with animations, images, graphic through iWork in private or public. It can be done from an iPhone, iPad, Mac and web.


Apple Watch will enable you to scribble down notes, send confetti and other animations in messages. Plus, you get an SOS app that will keep you safe. The highlight of all the apps that can be accessed from the Watch is, though, … Pokemon Go! Yep, the AR is coming to the watch and will seamlessly integrate with your running schedules. The more you walk, the more progress you make in the game. Another feature is the alert you get when you reach a Poke Stop. The moment you finish your workout, you’ll see activity stats and the items collected in the game. When will you get a chance to experience it? Before the end of the year.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2 wrist

That’s not all. Apple Watch series 2 is a completely re-engineered product and is swimproof! They’re using the speaker itself to eject water. Swimmers will love it, since it tracks their laps and effort while they are submerged. During workout, you get pace and distance measurements and at the end of it, you’ll see the shift in your stamina and distance with color codes. The new watch is two times brighter, comes in a new material – ceramic – and new design, thanks to a collab with Hermes. Speaking about partnerships, runners will be super excited to know Nike has joined Apple to make a black&neon green Apple watch that looks super cool! When you want to run, just tell Siri – she’ll take care of everything. On the other hand, the app will give you a nudge if you haven’t run in a while with invitations and cheeky reminders.

Apple Watch Nike

Apple Watch Nike Strap

The Apple Watch Series 2 classic and Nike version will cost $369 each; the first will launch at the middle of the month, while the Nike one will come in October.





The iPhone 7 was finally unveiled and it looks really gorgeous! They used a rotational 3D polishing to obtain mirror-like surface in Jet Black finish. The second one is in black aluminum and reflects light. The display is 4.7 inches Retina HD display with wide color gamut. The home button is completely redone – force-sensitive, works with a new taptic engine to offer feedback for messages, ringtones and quick actions.

The 12MP camera for iPhone 7 comes with image signal processor, quad-Led, True Tone flash, a flicker sensor that senses and compensates for artificial lighting. The IPS retouches your images in 25 milliseconds from distinguishing people and objects with machine learning to establishing focus, white balance and other key features.

Live Photos can be edited and developers can use RAW images. Plus, when you want to talk and see your loved one you can use the 7MP FaceTime HD camera that has auto image stabilization.

But the real breakthrough for Apple is iPhone 7 Plus, a 5.5 incher that comes with one extra camera. The phone can take pictures using two 12MP cameras – one wide-angle, the second telephoto. You can simply tap or drag to enhance the optical zoom up to 10x.


Even better? You can take a photo with shallow depth of field and create that bokeh effect only DSLRs can do. The two cameras’ ISP can detect faces in the photo, keep them in focus and blur the background. Also, you can preview the end result! This will work as a free update to iPhone 7 Plus users later this year.


When it comes to audio quality, Apple has taken some major steps in that direction too. They introduced stereo speakers and confirmed the biggest rumor of the summer – earpods will now connect through Lightning. That’s why new earpods will come in the kit, along with an adapter for those of you who have old jacks. Yet the company couldn’t just confirm rumors, they came up with a surprise of their own: AirPods. These ensure wireless listening. Infrared sensors can sense when you’re using them and turn on then. Plus, you can talk with Siri just by double tapping them. Here they are:


They offer 5 hours of listening, 24 hours of total listening and can be charged in the case and connected from the case. Super simple! Price? $159.

Last but not least, Apple talked about performance. The iPhone 7 will come with a brand new A10 Fusion which is a four-core CPU and goes 40% faster than A9 and a six-core GPU which is 240x faster than the original iPhone. With that, A10 Fusion becomes the most powerful chipset in a smartphone.

How about battery life? The iPhone 7 will have the longest battery life ever in an iPhone. Cost? $649 for iPhone 7. Colors? Five, including the last two shades of black. Internal storage starts from 32GB up to 256GB. Pre-orders will start this week and shipping, in two weeks.

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Fall’s Biggest Unveiling: Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7 Plus With Dual Camera

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