Insta360 Transforms Your iPhone In A 360-degree Spherical Camera

You never know what the day will bring. We had no clue that on our last day at IFA, we’d pass by a yellow stand, filled with Apple users that had no connection with Apple. Instead, they were enthusiastically showing off Insta360 Nano, a 360-degree spherical camera that attaches to the back of iPhones #mobilemagic #ifa2016

The 70g weight makes the cam light as a feather and the slim profile doesn’t bulk up your phone. I loved that it didn’t feel like a second iPhone case (by the way, guys, it’s just Apple compatible, since it’s made for Lightning ports). The cam promises great quality spherical video and photo and it quite delivers. Bianca Zhang, Insta360 Marketing Manager, showed us what can the cam and the companion app do and I was hooked!

Insta360 Nano back


Insta360 Nano is as long as your fingers and can easily be hold in one hand. After you connect it to your iPhone, the Nano app is immediately activated. The sharing process is equally effortless, just with one click. Even the live-streaming option happens in one move, making you really appreciate the UI. In the near future, you’ll probably be able to transmit the media wirelessly on Social Media, as soon as the various platforms allow that.

The camera is equipped with two 360 degree lenses, so every spot is captured, no blank areas left. The stitching is done automatically through the app or it can be done later on, if you decide to take pictures with your normal camera and then attach Nano. The broadcast resolution is 960p – 1440p but the classic recording is done at 3K – 3040×1520/30fps – for super smooth footage.

Insta360 app

If all that wasn’t great to hear, I found out that the packaging box in which the Nano is delivered can be folded to create a VR headset with phone slot.


You can already buy the Insta360 Nano for £199 (UK) here.  Unfortunately, there’s no official price for US right now.

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