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Insta360 One R Action Cam Gets Major Update with New Functionality

We were very impressed by the Insta 360 ONE R action camera when we got a chance to review it back in January at CES. Now, there’s a major update on the way, cementing its best-buy status.

The Insta360 ONE R update (the third since the launch earlier this year) adds a host of AI-powered features and improvements and follows in the wake of the new unified Insta360 app.

Let’s see what’s new.

“The new features focus on making the 4K Wide Angle Mod and 1-Inch Wide Angle Mod an even better package, while bringing large updates to the Dual-Lens 360 Mod as well,” tease the makers.

Let’s see what they mean.

First off, an action cam doesn’t really do much nowadays if you’re forced to socially isolate and stay home, so the new update lets you use the Insta360 ONE R as a webcam for calls and meetings. 

With a 360 Mod, you can also use it in split-screen and show the front and back perspectives at the same time. Speaking of 360, this tiny action cam can now also live stream in 360°, which will come in very handy for content creators. There are two options here: 360 Live, where the audience can interact with the stream’s perspective, and Reframe Live, which puts the control in the hands of the streamer.

For those still using the Insta360 ONE R for its intended purpose as an action cam, there’s a new AI-powered mode called PureShot which enhances the dynamic range of photos and reduces noise.

As the makers put it in the official announcement, “what used to take multiple shots combined into one with auto exposure bracketing (AEB), now just takes a tap with PureShot.”

AI is also at work to produce better underwater shots, balancing and correcting colors to account for the low amounts of the primary red color and giving you great photos and footage without having to edit or use filters.

The rest of the update also focuses on convenience, bringing AI Shot Lab templates for “creative tricks” and lets you use voice control with the microphones in AirPods for shooting at a distance.

Another major time-saving aspect is the switch to MP4. The Insta360 ONE R uses MP4 as the default file type, which removes the need to convert the footage to edit in and upload.

If you’re on the market for a great action cam, you can find the Insta360 One R at a 10% discount on the official website.

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