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Oculus Quest 2 Coming This Month, Will Reportedly Be Incredibly Cheap

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No one expected to get an Oculus VR headset this year but it’s happening, and sooner than you think.

Promotional videos for the new device appeared accidentally on Facebook Blueprint, one of Facebook’s educational hubs for marketing, and we now know almost all there is to this device.

oculus quest 2 vr headset 4

Even Walmart jumped the gun and posted a listing for a $400 Oculus Point Reyes with 256 GB of RAM.

Now let’s see what we know from Facebook’s own website.

First off, the Oculus Quest2 keeps the controller-free hand tracking and also features 3D positional audio.

The VR headset now has 6 GB of RAM (the original had 4 GB) and up to 256 GB of storage (double that of the original).

The Oculus Quest 2 resolution and refresh rate specs are not yet definitive but one video talked about an “almost 4K display” with “nearly 2K per eye” and the other said it offers 50% more pixels than the first Oculus Quest.

oculus quest 2 vr headset

The design itself is also more “light” and “streamlined”, with “new ergonomics” for the controllers.

From what we can tell from the videos, the “light” and “streamlined” aspects refer to the new soft-touch strap that allows you to put and remove the headset more conveniently.

Facebook now removed the Oculus Quest 2 listings from the Blueprint website but we expect to see an official confirmation in the next day or so.

On September 16th, Facebook will host a Facebook Connect event for developers, and it’s likely we’ll see an official announcement there.

Right now, the only 100% certainty is that, if you want to use the Oculus Quest 2, you will have to have a Facebook account.

As previously reported, all Oculus devices will soon need to use Facebook accounts.


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