Lomography Bringing the B&Q Potsdam 100 Kino Film in 120 version

B&W 100 120 Potsdam Kino Film lomography

Photography professionals passionate about film are getting a great gift this spring. Lomography just announced that it’s making the new Potsdam 100 Kino film available in 120 medium format rolls as well.

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Using the same sheets as the 35 mm stock, which is “cut from old stocks of a cinematic emulsion produced by a legendary German company”, Lomography says that the “B&W 100 120 Potsdam Kino Film combines gorgeous antiquated aesthetics with the quality and professional capabilities of medium format photography.”

Indeed, looking at the gallery provided by Lomography alongside the announcement, this is a winner comb.

The B&W 100 120 Potsdam Kino Film is hitting stores in May 2019 but those who want to make sure stocks last can place a pre-order on Lomography’s site.

A roll will set them back $8.90, a reasonable enough price for a film speed of ISO 100 with 36 exposures that can bring back the mood of New German Cinema.

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