Lyft Wants To Offer Ambulances, Too

Lyft Wants To Offer Medical Transportation Too

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Just a few days ago, during the MWC 2018 frenzy, we reported the launch of Uber Health. Today Lyft stepped into the healthcare area as well. Both companies will offer more accessible alternatives to ambulances for non-emergency situations, like getting to and from the doctor’s.

Lyft announced a new partnership with Allscripts, one of the biggest US companies dealing with health records. This means they can start integrating the Lyft Concierge API into the Allscripts Sunrise platform to solve the issue of transportation that affects up to 3.6 million Americans.

With a desktop application that allows medical facilities to order and pay for multiple rides, up to 7 million people serviced by those medical facilities could have a new way of reaching the doctor. They don’t even need a smartphone because they’ll receive text messages when the doctor sends a car for them.

David Baga from Lyft told the press that the company is working not just with physicians, but with “regulators, transportation brokers, and tech partners, because it isn’t just about a healthcare provider deciding you need a Lyft, there are insurers and others involved determining your care eligibility.”

Ride-hailing apps like Lyft or Uber offer much cheaper alternatives to get to hospitals than taxis or ambulances do. They’re also a tool to minimize missed appointments and improve access to healthcare – 25% of low-income patients miss or reschedule visits due to lack of transportation.

Lyft’s goal is to cut these numbers in half by 2020 and eliminate transportation issues when it comes to healthcare. Their dedication is evident with this new partnership and their work since 2016 in partnering up with National Medtrans Network in NYC to offer 2,500 rides per week in the city. With this level of dedication, these alternatives could soon become the norm.

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