Magic Leap Has Access Now to Hologram Teleconference Software

Magic Leap Has Access Now to Hologram Teleconference Software

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Magic Leap announced they have taken over Belgian start-up Mimesys, to work on bringing volumetric video calls to the Florida based AR platform.

Although we do not have any details on the acquisition terms, according to Mimesys’s website, they will continue to service their corporate clients including BNP Paribas and Orange.

The start-up first came out with their video conferencing tech at CES this year, which makes it possible for someone with a Magic Leap One headset to see a 3D representation of a person in a “video” call.

Mimesys’ approach to volumetric video conferencing has been to use Intel’s RealSense depth cameras to collect and stitch footage on PCs locally then stream it to a user’s headset.

Even though their early work wasn’t pitch perfect, it has certainly caught the eye of Magic Leap and we are wondering if they will come up with their own external depth camera hardware now.

We can now only keep an eye on Magic Leap and see how they plan to change video calls for the better.

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