Make Your Own Mega Man & Street Fighter Tunes with These $89 Synths

teenage engineering pocket operator mega man street fighter synth

Looking for more indoors hobbies to get you through the winter?

Now you can make your own video game soundtracks easy and cheap, with the new Teenage Engineering synths.

The two new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator synths go for just $89 and feature classic sounds from games we all love.

You can go for the Mega Man or the Street Fighter Pocket Operator and get the licensed sounds from either game.

Teenage Engineering worked to launch these new pocket operators and have a partnership with Capcom, which is why you can now easily make an even better soundtrack for your favorite game.

Still, there are notable differences between the synths.

The Street Fighter synth, PO-133, is already available and has these specs:

    microphone for sampling

    8 melodic sample slots

    8 drum slots

    40 second sample memory

    15 punch-in effects

    step multiplier

If you want to go for the Mega Man Pocket Operator PO-128, you’ll have to wait until December 2nd.

This one comes with the following specs:

    real 8-bit synthesizer engines for making live and sequenced melodies and bass lines

    15 sounds + micro drum

    3 track sequencer

    128 pattern chaining

    step multiplier

You can order them or listen to demos here.

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