Medisafe Integrates With Apple Health Records For Easy Medication Management

Medisafe Integrates With Apple Health Records For Easy Medication Management

Credit: Apple

Medisafe, a medication management platform has announced this week that it offers Health Records support for the iPhone. Thanks to this, the users can track their medication list without the need for any manual entries.

Apple initially put Medisafe in the spotlight when the company revealed the Health Records API back in June. Back then, Apple presented the app and platform as potentially life-saving, thanks to its medication-tracking abilities.

The integration means that Medisafe can see the entire prescription of a patient as well as their medicine history and this allows it to track what can potentially be combinations of medications that could prove fatal.

The framework allows for immediate cross-referencing of prescriptions uploaded by physicians. When a user is prescribed a couple of medications, vitamins or supplements that could negatively impact with each other, the app notifies them.

Thanks to the feature, health history information can be carried in the users’ pockets and they can review the data with their doctors or caregivers directly from an iPhone or iPad.

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