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MIT Is Making A Movie Screen That Allows You To See In 3D Without Special Glasses

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Let’s face it – no Marvel movie or good blockbuster can be seen in anything but 3D. The special effects are meant to be enjoyed at the maximum, yet when you’re wearing prescription glasses (like moi) it can be extremely annoying. Either you let go of them and face 2 hours of blurry images or you keep them on and rearrange the plastic goggles every couple of minutes, risking to leave the cinema with red marks. The good thing is MIT is going to end the suffering with a movie screen that doesn’t need special glasses at all #objectmagic

MIT’ Computers Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has worked on a display that allows every movie goer to see the action perfectly, without glasses, no matter where he’s seated. The prototype is called ‘Cinema 3D’ and uses dozens of lenses and mirrors to create parallax barriers.

In simple words, this display will show people a different set of pixels, according to their seats, so each of them sees the same thing, no matter the viewing angle.  As people rarely leave their seats during the movie, they shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this form of technology and the one currently on market.

MIT’s solution should provide crisp images to every viewer but we can’t give a verdict until we see it full-scale, in a movie theater.

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