MIT Wearable Can Read Your Mind
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MIT Wearable Can Read Your Mind

When the Force Trainer Star Wars headset was released, it publicly demonstrated the power of technology to read concentrations levels and respond accordingly. While only a children’s toy, it introduced the possibility of emerging tech to read minds. MIT researchers have realized this potential, creating a wearable system called AlterEgo that can interpret your thoughts and execute desired functions.

AlterEgo works by interpreting your subvocalization, or the practice of internal vocalizing of thoughts most notably occurring when reading a book silently but saying the words in your head. The system’s electrodes pick up the neuromuscular signals that are transmitted through your brain during subvocalization where they are sent through a neural network that interprets the signals into words or request. As needed, an aural output is transmitted through bone-conduction, meaning your physical sense won’t be impeded by using the device.

So far, the MIT device has been tested and demonstrated in daily tasks like scrolling through a TV menu or adding up prices for groceries. The potential for the product is enormous and wide ranging.

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