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Moleskine Has A New Smart Pen With Offline Mode

moleskine pen ellipse+ smart pen smart paper

Moleskine, the company best known for its classy notebooks, has launched a new model of its smart pen: the Pen+ Ellipse.

The pen follows the 2016 Smart Writing set, a combination of smart paper and app that paired with your device and digitally transcribed your doodles.

However, the paired device needed to be close. The Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse eliminates that need by saving everything you write offline.  It then downloads the info as soon as you connect to the device.

For those writing down their thoughts outdoors or on public transport, it’s a great solution to easily sync their creations at home.

However, as with Moleskine notebooks themselves, the Pen+ Ellipse isn’t exactly cheap. The Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse costs $180.

Of course, you also need a Smart Writing Set notebook with Ncode smart paper.

That will draw you back $30 per notebook, but will surely draw everyone’s eyes to your work. #objectmagic


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