Moto G6 And E5 Series Offer Premium Features For Under $400

Moto G6 And E5 Series Offer Premium Features For Under $400

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As can be seen by their recent mobile device announcement, Chinese technology company Lenovo has been busy this year working on their products. In one day, they unveiled not one, not two, but six mobile devices. These six phones are the Moto G6, Moto E5, and their respective Plus and Play models. #mobilemagic

Both lineups feature devices that cost less than $400. This is amazing for the price since the phones in fact do have premium-quality features not typical with this price point. Because of the wide variety of phones, both series offer something for everyone.

The Moto G6 is great if you’re looking for a cheap phone with a dual camera, 4GB of RAM, and USB-C connection. The G6 Play is wonderful if you want a smartphone with a huge battery. The price tag for the latter begins at $200 and comes with a 4,000mAh cell.

These two devices sport a 5.7-inch, 18:9 display with rounded edges, with the G6 having a better resolution (1080p). G6 Plus is larger, featuring a 5.9-inch display, and sports a better Snapdragon processor and battery (3,200mAh).

The E5 series also comes with powerful battery life as the E5 Plus launches with a whooping 5,000 mAh battery. The E5 Play throws it back to removable battery packs as its 2,800 mAh is completely removable from the phone.

The G6 lineup is already available in Brazil and is coming to Mexico and North America with the exception of G6 Plus, which won’t be released in the US. The standard G6 will start at $250.

The E5 Play will be offered only in the US and Canada, with the E5 Plus available in Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. The standard E5 will start at $150, making it the cheapest one in the series.

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