MSI True Wireless Earbuds For Gamers Are Coming Soon
MSI Immerse GH62 true wireless earbuds

MSI True Wireless Earbuds For Gamers Are Coming Soon

MSI is throwing its hat in the rink and competing with Razer on gaming true wireless earbuds.

While you hear news every day about wireless earbuds from most every other vendor, gaming-oriented buds are still, for some reason, a rarity.

Notable models include the Razer Hammerhead and…that’s pretty much it, if you don’t want to scour Amazon for buds from more unknown vendors.

Soon, MSI will be an option too.

The company, one of the major gaming peripherals makers around, announced at Computex 2021 the MSI Immerse GH62, a pair of true wireless earbuds with low-latency audio response perfect for gaming.

Still, despite the fact that they are the first earbuds from MSI, the company was pretty mum on the details, focusing more on announcing a new GPU and the X570S Max Series Motherboard.

So far, the only things we know about the MSI Immerse GH62 is that they’ll offer “accurate audio reproduction, clear voice recording, low-latency responsiveness, and low maintenance.” 

There’s no word on the battery life, specs, or even pricing, so we’ll have to wait some more for those details.

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MSI True Wireless Earbuds For Gamers Are Coming Soon
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