Musk Releases Falcon Heavy Animation For November Maiden Voyage

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By now, we’re accustomed to Elon Musk’ casual news drops on Twitter. The latest is no different; Musk released a “first draft animation” of Falcon Heavy’s maiden voyage, expected to happen in November. Check it out to see how the world’s most powerful rocket is going to reach orbit #todaymagic

At the end of July, Elon Musk revealed the timeline for the first voyage of SpaceX’ most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy. Engineers believe the rocket will be ready for a November launch. It’s a “tad” late and Musk knows it, after delaying the launch for 4 years (Falcon Heavy was initially supposed to go in space in 2013).

Obviously what he’s trying to do with this rocket is not at all easy. Falcon Heavy was built to be the world’s most powerful rocket, capable of carrying 119,000 lb (over 54 metric tons) into orbit, 22 metric tons to geostationary transfer orbit or 13.6 metric tons to Mars. Besides, its three first-stage boosters should be entirely reusable after its first voyage. But a “lot that can go wrong in the November launch…” as Musk puts it:


The animation is actually an edit of an older SpaceX animation but what it’s important is that it reminds people of the stakes here and the importance of such a rocket for humanity’s future. If all goes according to plan, the side boosters are expected to return to Cape Canaveral, while the center will land on the floating drone ship.  


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