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Retired NBA Player Kobe Bryant Invests Millions In Technology

Kobe Bryant tech investor
Kobe Bryant/Facebook

Kobe Bryant may have retired from basketball but you’ll hear from him again. The NBA player is far from chilling out on an exotic island or countryside manor. Instead, he’s keeping active by investing millions in technology #todaymagic

Bryant is finally taking the plunge with partner Jeff Stibel, entrepreneur and investor who was previously in charge of The two are establishing a $100 million venture capital fund for tech businesses, media and data companies. If you haven’t heard of Bryant’s previous efforts in this direction, you should know he already has stakes in more than a dozen companies. They range from digital sports publications to video game makers (Scopely) or online hegal advice (Legal Zoom).

We’ll watch Bryant closely, especially since he didn’t take this decision overnight. According to Forbes, it was “four years in the making”, meaning the former sports player had no doubt about his plans post-NBA.

What do you think of Kobe Bryant’s decision to invest in tech?

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