Plastic Packaging Is Being Replaced with Edible, Milk Proteins One

Milk proteins packaging

We throw away dozens of garbage bags monthly, most of them filled with candy wrappers and cheese or sliced meat packaging. This amount of waste simply lies somewhere, piling up, never degrading. Well, no more! Scientists have found a way to replace plastic packaging with one made from milk proteins, completely edible #todaymagic

Research leader Peggy Tomasula, D.Sc. and her team have worked on protein-based films that are not only biodegradable but can keep food fresh and unspoiled, preventing oxygen contact. Their findings are presented this week at the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society.

Milk protein wrappers are better than other edible alternatives, too. Unlike the ones developed from starch, these ones have smaller pores that keep oxygen from getting in. Sustainable, edible and biodegradable, protein films seem to be the future of stored food, replacing today’s petroleum-based one.

Now, don’t imagine the wrapper is tasty on its own, but flavorings can be added. Researchers also want to experiment with vitamins and probiotics, hoping to really convince consumers its’s okay to eat the whole thing – package and substance – if it keeps the environment safe. According to them, in three years’ time we’ll see how dedicated people are to environmental causes.

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