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New Leak Suggests iPhone 8 Could Record 4K Video With Front Camera

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Apple’s employees are not giving anything away about iPhone 8, but the company’s tech… is. Apple’s own code has revealed in the past few days the final design of the smartphone and has given us a glimpse of its camera capabilities. It seems that the front camera of the iPhone 8 will be able to record 4K video #mobilemagic

iHelp spotted a line of code that suggests Apple’s Anniversary Phone is going to improve upon video recording. Not only the back camera, but also the front shooter, will be able to capture 4K video at 60 framers per second. The “front” and “back” identifier support this claim:

It’s true that the last iPhone generation, 7 and 7 Plus, supports 4K, but only for the rear camera and with a big limitation of 30 fps. On those handsets, the selfie cam can only record to 1080p. It’s not at all surprising that Apple has decided to bring 4K in the limelight, not only because it’s a resolution that many videographers prefer today, but also because the company intends to make their handsets AR-oriented.

The cameras are also rumored to support Apple’s latest file type, HEVC. If you haven’t heard about it, HEVC is praised for reducing file sizes in half (and for 4K resolution clips, you definitely need that).

Developers who have paid attention to the firmware suspect an iPhone 8 with face recognition technology. Face ID might even replace the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and home button, if Apple can’t integrate it under the display:

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