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New Lytro Camera Gives Everyone What They Really Wanted, Just Like Deadpool Did

What’s with the Deadpool analogy, you may ask. Well, the whole hype about the movie was that, finally, someone did justice to the comic book character, after being void of comic relief in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Similarly, Lytro had some failed attempts of getting the video producing crowd on their side. The first camera was too expensive and limited, and the Illum did not deliver on image quality and efficiency. Now, they’re coming back with a product worthy of critical acclaim – Lytro Cinema #actionmagic

So what do filmmakers want and Lytro Cinema delivers? For one, it allows them to refocus in a scene after it was captured. Its special sensors are able to discern the direction where light rays are going, after which computational analysis lets users adjust focus points and DoF. What’s spectacular about this Lytro is that the same technology helps you customize frame rates and shutter speeds, enabling you to give it a dramatic feel.

Another reason you will want to invest in Lytro Cinema, if you’re on the road of becoming a know filmmaker, is the lack of need to use the green screen. This camera understands 3D objects and can extract them without any accessories. Jon Karafin, Head of Light Field Video at Lytro, talks about making holograms wth Lytro: “You now actually have the directionality of the pixel itself. It becomes a truly holographic image. You have angular information, and you effectively have a completely virtualized camera. You have the (subject’s) color, the directional properties, and the exact placement in space” –  unbelievable, right?

It never seemed easier to mix reality with CGI models in post production! With these functions, you can imagine that Lytro Cinema will deliver top-notch images with 755 “RAW megapixels” for content and movies in 4K and 2K, up to 300 fps.

The camera will be available for rent at the end of this year, at the price of  $125,000. Also, you should check out Lytro from time to time, since they want to release plug-ins for standard tools used in the industry.

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