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New Razer Chroma Docks Work With Everything, Including New MacBook Pro

Razer just unveiled its new top of the line keyboard, the Huntsman V2 (with all-new, amazing switches). Along with it also come two new Chroma Docks, perfect for those working from home

The first one is the Razer Thunderbolt 4 Chroma Dock, a sleek matte black aluminum rectangle that gives you a 10 port hub to extend your laptop connectivity options. 

Since it has a 40 Gbps transfer rate, you can use it to set up two 4K monitors at 60 Hz.

You can also use an 8K monitor at 30hz.

This Chroma Dock has 4 Thunderbolt 4 over USB-C ports (with one of them upstream and the other downstream), plus three USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, a 3.5 mm audio jack and, of course, a SD card reader. There’s also a separate 90w power connector for charging your laptop or notebook. 

Were you looking for a stand as well? The second Razer Chroma Dock unveiled works as a stand too, so it can help de-clutter your desk. 

Fortunately, this Laptop Stand Chroma v2 is also a lot cheaper than the $329 Chroma Dock, retailing for $149.

For this price, the Laptop Stand Chroma v2 gets you… well… the laptop stand, also made of matte black aluminum, plus a four – port dock. 

This one has two USB-C ports, one for the laptop and one for the power supply, plus two USB-A ports and a HDMI 2.0 port for your monitor. 

You can find both of the new Razer docks up for pre-order on the official Razer website. 

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New Razer Chroma Docks Work With Everything, Including New MacBook Pro

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