New Witcher Game Could Be On The Horizon

New Witcher Game Could Be On The Horizon

PC: CD Projekt Red

Few games are so beloved that they can transition from console to the TV. The Witcher, in particular The Witcher 3, successfully made that jump. Now there are reports that game publishers CD Projekt Red will be developing a new Witcher game following the release of their highly anticipated title, Cyberpunk 2077.

In a report by IGN, president of CD Projekt Adam Kiciński has stated that the developers have drawn a concept around a new Witcher game. This Witcher game, it should be noted, would neither be a spin-off nor a continuation of the highly acclaimed Witcher triology. Instead, it will likely be an RPG set in the general Witcher world.

GameSpot noted in their reporting that the studio head of CD Projekt Red Adam Badowski tweeted a semi-clarifying tweet after the release of the report. In it, Badowski states the studio’s focus on Cyberpunk 2077 rather than a split focus between that and a new Witcher game.

Until an official statement is released on a new Witcher game, it is best to assume that it is at least several years away from publication. Cyberpunk 2077, releasing on September 17th, will surely be able to appease fans as they wait for that announcement.

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