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Next Generation AirPods Might Come With A Wellness Feature


According to a report coming in from MySmartPrice, the next generation of Apple AirPods have passed the mandatory Bluetooth Special Interests Group (SIG) certification.

This certification is a requirement for mobile devices that use Bluetooth in order for them to gain access to various markets. Finding an Apple product in these filings is not uncommon but it’s also not an indication of the fact that the product will be released any time soon.

Nonetheless, their presence in the filing does indicate that the AirPods are currently being revised and that the users will be getting an updated Bluetooth radio. The Bluetooth 5.0 will be extending the range and will most likely improve battery life.

In addition to that, a filing from 2017 suggested that the earbuds would use ‘biometric sensing’ and have galvanic skin response, EKG, impendance cardiography as well as a thermometer.

We haven’t heard much about that for a while until recently, when other trademark filings from Hong Kong and Europe stated that the AirPods have received some trademark updates that include ‘wellness sensors’.

Other expected updates and revisions for the new AirPods generation might include newer W-series wireless chips that would improve communication, some ambient noise handling and an upgraded wireless charging case.

As soon we know more, we’ll tell you all about it.

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