The Nintendo ES Classic to Go Back on Store Shelves This June

source: Nintendo

The Nintendo Entertainment System was a hit for the company when it launched in 2016. The console flew off the shelves faster than anyone had anticipated. It was not too long before it was discontinued, as the demand exceeded the supply.

If you had your eyes on one and did not manage to grab it then, worry no more: the NES Classic Edition will return to the shelves in June.

It’s going to sell for $60, although don’t forget – it comes with only one controller and the cord is very short, which means you will have to invest in an extension cable as well.

The Classic comes preloaded with 30 built-in games from the original NES, such as The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden.

The console is expected to hit the stores on June 29th. You’ll also probably find it online, at Amazon, Best Buy and Target, where the former units went on sale last year. 

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