Nissan Leaf Heads to New Zealand, Price Is Announced


It’s now confirmed! The Leaf will come to New Zealand in August and will feature a 40kWh battery, generating 110kW and 320Nm with a range of 270km per charge.

The Nissan Leaf (Leading, Environmentally-friendly, Affordable Family vehicle) will start at $59.990 on the New Zealand market. All the Leaf models currently being driven here are Japanese imports, but this summer, the second generation will be sold here.

Leaf arrives at the same price as the Hyundai Ionic EV that only has a 200km range per charge. Other worthy competitors for the Nissan EV would be Toyota Prius Prime plug-in vehicle and BMW i3 EV that have a starting price of $48.490 and $77.200, respectively.

According to Top Gear, drivers will realize that the Leaf “can go a long way from a home charge. Recharging en route, if planned in advance, needn’t be a hurdle. Then the cheapness of avoiding petroleum opens up ahead of them. But the real joy of the Leaf isn’t the money, it’s the motor and its charming grace. For the way most people drive, it’s simply a better source of motion”.

How do you feel about electric vehicles? Would Leaf be an option for you?

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