Backbone's Solution for iPhone 13 Camera Bump is Super Cheap

No Backbone 2: Here is Backbone’s 3D Printed Solution for iPhone 13 Camera Bump

Just as mobile gamers found a nice controller for their iPhones, Apple rock the boat. The company launched a thicker camera bump on both the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, making the Backbone controller unusable. Thankfully, the company found a solution instead of pushing out a new model for their customers.

The Backbone One controller can barely hug the new iPhones, the Pro devices sticking out or forcing the back of it to slightly buckle. It would have been easy for Backbone to launch another version of their great gaming controller for iPhone.

But the company refrained from doing so. Instead, they offered users a pretty nifty solution.

After some of them started complaining, the team went to the drawing board. They started designing an adapter that should fix most of the issues for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max users.

However, they made it clear it’s not a device that they can mass-produce right away. So, for the impatient bunch, Backbone has promised to release the 3D printable file of the adapter.

Soon, users having a 3D printer nearby can use those open files to make their adapter at home.

Those that do not have that possibility can contact Backbone’s support team and could get one delivered.

Is that proactivity worth a round of 👏 or what?

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No Backbone 2: Here is Backbone’s 3D Printed Solution for iPhone 13 Camera Bump
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