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Spotify Battery Drain on iOS 15 Finally Prompts Investigation

Is your iPhone battery draining faster than usual? Spotify might be the culprit.

After tons of complaints on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, the Spotify battery drain on iOS 15 and iOS 14.8 might finally come to an end.

Lots of iOS users noticed that, out of nowhere, Spotify started draining their iPhone battery at alarming levels, wiping out 30-40% of their battery life when the app was open.

“Spotify draining iPhone 12 Pro at an absurd rate,” complained one Redditor, saying that “30% usage of my total battery and Spotify has been used maybe 1/4 total time that of texts, Facebook, etc.” 

“Decided to switch over to Spotify for the past month and I am listening to music on average 3 hours per day, which is the same as I did with Apple Music. Only difference being that by 4-5pm my iPhone is hitting 20% battery remaining where as when I was using Apple Music, I’d only get 20% battery warning later at night around 8-9pm,” said one Redditor. 

“iOS 15 iPhone 12 Mini (new, 100% battery capacity). Phone getting extremely hot, plus 1% battery drain per minute caused by Spotify app use only. Tried all recommended actions; none worked. Issue started last week.”

Some users tried reinstalling or doing a clean reinstall of Spotify but that didn’t solve the problem, and neither did turning off background app refresh, both advice from Spotify itself. 

With complaints mounting on social media, Spotify acknowledged the problem and responded to one Twitter user in their DMs and posted a thread where people can get notified of a further update. 

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Spotify Battery Drain on iOS 15 Finally Prompts Investigation
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