Apple Music Replay 2021 Playlist Is Now Available

Apple Music Replay 2021 Playlist Is Now Available

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Apple Music subscribers will now enjoy a new feature, the “Replay 2021” playlist, which is kind of the equivalent of Spotify’s Wrapped. Basically, users will be able to check out what you’ve been listening to most and save them as favorites. 

The Replay feature is constantly updating your playlist, specifically on a weekly basis, every Sunday. By the end of the year, users get to have a good overview of the tracks they listened to the most in 2021. The playlist will put your most-streamed songs ranked at the top of the 100 songs list.

If you use Apple Music, you can spot the Replay 2021 playlist at the bottom of the Listen Now tab in ‌Apple Music‌, as well as on Apple Music for the web. After selecting the Listen Now tab at the bottom, swipe all the way to the bottom to see your new Replay 2021 playlist.

The web version of the app offers a few more insights like most streamed artists and albums, as well hours listened and play counts.

In comparison to Apple Music Replay, Spotify Wrapped doesn’t track songs throughout the year, but it’s far more popular when it’s shared in December.

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Apple Music Replay 2021 Playlist Is Now Available
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