Now, There Are Embedded Traffic Lights In The Sidewalk For Chronic Texters

Germans are going the extra mile for the safety of their citizens. In one city, officials have embedded traffic lights in the sidewalk, so that even distracted millenials and chronic texters can see them while looking down at the phone #securemagic

Augsburg authorities have decided to double up their security measures when it comes to safe road passing with lights that go in the pavement. Although each light costs 10.000 euros, officials are convinced they have to do everything in their power to keep young people safe. This is indisputable, since a recent European survey concluded that 20% pedestrians are distracted by mobile devices, putting their lives at risk in traffic.

In the next months, authorities will conclude whether the expensive traffic lights made any difference or not and, pending on their reports, other nations might follow in their footsteps too, since chronic texting is a global problem.

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