NSO Can Hack Your iPhone In One Step Unless You Update It Now

Israeli hackers iphone

A company of professional hackers from Israel developed the most sophisticated way of hacking an iPhone. They uncovered three unpatched iOS vulnerabilities that allowed them to get access to messages, e-mails, contacts, passwords and even record sounds #securemagic

NSO Group put Apple on alert this week when it was caught trying to install their malware, Pegasus, on an iPhone. This software would have allowed full access to data stored on an iPhone if the user clicked on a link inserted in a piece of text.

According to Citizen Lab, one target was human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor, who was under observation since 2011. He discovered the plot when he received a text with information about people being tortured in the United Arab Emirates. Hidden between the lines was the infamous link.

Thankfully, Apple took measures immediately and released an update that prevents hackers from breaking into other iPhones. Once you see it in Settings, update your phone immediately.

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