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Opera Crypto Browser Is Here, Makes Holding Coins A Lot Easier

Opera continues to delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies with the Opera Crypto Browser launch.

The first browser designed with Bitcoin, Ether and other similar coins in mind, the Crypto Browser is now in beta and offers easier access into cryptocurrencies.

It wants to “simplify the Web3 user experience that is often bewildering for mainstream users,” according to Opera EVP Jorgen Arnensen.

The main way it does this is by offering a built-in non-custodial wallet which includes the most popular blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nervos and Celo. You can check your wallet without adding any extensions or use any third party wallet as well.

You can also buy crypto using fiat, swap crypto in the wallet, send and receive it and so on.

It also supports Web3, the blockchain-based decentralized internet,. letting you use things like GameFi and “lets you grow your Web3 skills.”

To avoid criticism like the one Mozilla got when they started accepting cryptocurrency donations, as the technology has a huge environmental impact, Opera says they will implement the energy-efficient Etherium Layer 2 standard “as quickly as possible.”

You can try the Opera Crypto browser on Windows, Mac and Android right now, with iOS soon to follow. 

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Opera Crypto Browser Is Here, Makes Holding Coins A Lot Easier

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