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Would You Pay $17.500 To Drone Surf?

Remember Prodrone’s robotic arms that can do all your heavy lifting? The guys from Freefly Systems came up with Alta 8, a drone made mostly for surfing, instead of carrying groceries #likeaboss #actionmagic

Alta 8 is a 13 pound drone with a payload of up to 20 pounds. That means you can easily hang onto it when you surf instead of renting a boat or pleading with friends to come along. Of course, you can use it just as a professional aerial camera, attaching one camera on top of the drone and one below.

Yes, this drone allows you to film the ground from above as well as record the passing of clouds or an airplane. You can get creative with Alta, too. Its body can tilt at 45 degree angle allowing you to capture the sights in a new way. As most of the elite drones nowadays, it can fold to half its size! That comes in handy, considering the size of the drone, with its 8 motors and two battery packs that keep it afloat.

If it seems too good to be true, it really is. Alta 8 costs a staggering $17.500. Seeing that you can shoot great aerial photos with any respectable 4K drone nowadays, does a second camera on top and the surfing capability really justify the price?

You tell us.

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