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Photoshop Battle! The Balancing Round Rock On Mars Captured By NASA’s Perseverance

What a time to be alive! On June 12, NASA’s Perseverance rover captured a superb view of Mars in the river delta region of Jezero Crater.

The image, one of the most beautiful Mars photos to date, also sparked a photoshop battle that could use your input as well! 

Image via NASA

The Mars photo features a round rock precariously balanced on top of a cliff, a visual that looks pulled out of 60s scifi novels – or out of cartoons?

John Kaprielina, a Star Trek fan, didn’t miss the opportunity to put a Gorn from Star Trek in Perseverance’s shot.

But, in this photoshop battle we hope to see continuing, it’s Dr. Jessie Christiansen, a NASA scientist, who will make you expel air from your nostrils.

She quickly came back with a quick photoshop of Rafiki lifting Simba, which you can see above and maybe heart on Twitter too. 

Somehow, this iconic image from The Lion King fits perfectly with the beautiful Martian landscape captured by NASA’s Perseverance rover.

And yes, this landscape does make you think Roadrunner would make an appearance.

What else would you add to this image?

Share your photoshop or ideas below! PS: Since Adobe will make Photoshop free on the web finally, we expect a lot more fun photoshop battles to follow.

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Photoshop Battle! The Balancing Round Rock On Mars Captured By NASA’s Perseverance
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