PlayStation Limits Download Speeds for European and US Communities

PC: PlayStation

As more people are beginning (or continuing) to social distance and quarantine, questions of internet overload have begun to surface. Can our internet providers manage the increased internet usage as people stay at home? Trying to help stave off an internet overload, PlayStation has announced they will be limiting download speeds for its European and US communities.

Given the increased internet use, PlayStation is working with internet providers to figure out ways to limit download speeds for users. But the company assured users that they would only be partially impacted: “Players may experience somewhat slower or delayed game downloads but will still enjoy robust gameplay.”

The announcements on PlayStation’s blog, dated March 24th, was originally focused on the European community. However, as the outbreak in the US developed and became the nation with the most reported positive COVID-19 cases, PlayStation updated their post to reflect that these download limits would affect US PlayStation community as well.

It is unsure how long these limits will last or if they will eventually extend to different communities.

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