Poco F1 Successor Confirmed By Company Executive

Poco F1 Successor Confirmed By Company Executive

Poco F1 was released back in 2018, and fans just assumed the Poco F2 Pro was its successor, even if the launch price difference between the two was of about $200, basically putting them in different classes. Meanwhile, Poco F2 Pro became one of the best affordable flagships in 2020, and the company is now planning to release the real successor of Poco F1.

Poco country director Anuj Sharma has confirmed to The Indian Express that the Poco F2 Pro isn’t coming to India, but the company is developing the real successor of Poco F1:

”The Poco F1 was a device that changed the market and consumers expect the same from the successor. The Poco F2 Pro isn’t that device. We are working to bring a true successor to the Poco F1 but it will take time for us to develop it.” 

This suggests the Poco F1 successor will keep its very affordable price as the first-gen device, even if flagship prices have skyrocketed lately. This will be a very hard task to achieve, with features like 5G and a triple or quad-camera set-up coming as standard nowadays. Poco is probably relying on 5G technology prices to go down as the feature becomes widely available, and is also trying to figure out a way of developing a cheap but competitive camera. Companies like Google and Apple have also delivered value for money devices with a single rear camera, proving that a triple or quad-camera phone isn’t essential. So we can safely assume we won’t see the new device until 2021, at the earliest.

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